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A Word About Our Oak...

Only the best trees... picked a year in advance!




It begins in the tree...


And if you don't ask for it specifically, you probably aren't getting solid oak!


But there is only one standard Appalachian True Red Oak of upland growth, the type Marshall's demands to meet rigid specifications of quality control for reputable production. You should settle for NOTHING LESS than the Appalachian True Red, grown in the officially designated Appalachian Hardwood Region. Southern and Valley Oak are not satisfactory substitutes. Veneers are not as durable nor as satisfactory as solid oak and are subject to splintering and moisture and will not take as much abuse. But a good solid oak pew must be made of carefully selected wood, air dried for four to six months, then kiln dried by a slow process to reduce moisture content to a point suitable for furniture in the West. Proper electronic testing can give assurance of acceptable moisture conditions before furniture construction begins. Not all companies take this trouble to assure quality products.

Coloring of the wood is of paramount importance with careful matching and hand inspection and sanding essential to the surface finish. A ten-step finish process at Marshall's begins with a toner, paste filler and sanding and concludes only when a mar-resistant, highly durable Sherwin-Williams lacquer (we accept no substitutes) has been applied for beautiful texture, which enhances the natural charm of True Red Solid Oak.

All points of wear are given extra lacquer finish and proper handling between each process provides ample opportunity to inspect each step for satisfactory results.

The MARSHALL Company