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Pew Restoration

Southern Furniture Restoration Company is owned and operated by Gene Hefelfinger.  He has been refinishing church furniture since 1969, and understands the value of working with existing furniture to bring new life to it. We believe he does that very thing... brings new life to existing furnishings. We know that he does it well. His quality control measures are stringent and he puts a remarkable finish on his woods. We believe he is the finest refinisher available in the Southwest.

Project size isn't a problem either. He can deal with projects of all sizes and puts the same level of skill into each project... small or large, they all go through the same process.

25-Step Pew Restoration Process

  1. Detailed layout for precise relocation of furniture

  2. Number each individual part of furniture components

  3. Remove and disassemble

  4. Carefully pack and load truck

  5. Unload at our plant

  6. Repair minor and/or major existing damage

  7. Hand-strip old finish (no vat stripping employed)

  8. Hand sand and some machine sanding (dry stripping)

  9. Hand application of stain to change or obtain uniform coloring

  10. Rack and dry the pieces overnight

  11. Apply sealer coat #1

  12. Rack and dry overnight

  13. Hand sand

  14. Apply sealer coat #2

  15. Rack and dry

  16. Finish quality hand sand

  17. Hot lacquer coat #1(finest quality high solids commercial grade lacquer)

  18. Rack and dry overnight

  19. Final finish quality hand sanding

  20. Final hot lacquer coat rubbed to Satin Finish

  21. Rack, dry and cure for several days

  22. Reload on truck in numbered sequence (pieces padded, braced and boxed)

  23. Unload at location

  24. Re-assemble and re-install

  25. Final inspection

Close quality contros are maintained during the entire process, and an inspection is performed at the completion of each step along the way.