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We have chairs by Marshall and Chancellor.  The choice is yours!  We told you about the Marshall Company, now read a bit about Chancellor.

Chancellor has been producing church furnishings since 1979. It was founded by Ken and Kathy Kaiser, and remains under their ownership and management to this day. And about 3 years ago, the ownership grew to include Shirley Sturm.

Chancellor specializes in making chairs for churches. And because of that, they know what works best, and they know what lasts the longest. They are familiar with the best fabrics and foams. They take special pains to make a frame for the chair that is both beautiful and durable. And like Marshall, they are just as enthusiastic about you looking at their products "in the field."

As mentioned previously, a list of installations by Chancellor is included in this packet. Please look it over. It includes hundreds of installations in Texas alone! Their reputation for producing a quality product that is enthusiastically received by its clients is indisputable.

Precision and consistency in the production of the components is achieved through tools like their C & C router. The metal frames are formed using special techniques to prevent that crimping found in the curves on most of the chairs in the market today. Their full 18" length seat provides the comfort and leg support that will be appreciated from the very beginning.

The angle on the front legs is designed to make the path along the front of the chair as open as possible to prevent catching with shoes or having to bend just so to avoid stumbling. And Ken's concern for quality is demonstrated in the constant vigil he maintains over the production process, touring the factory personally 3 to 4 times during each working day.

Chairs by the Marshall Company

Special Chairs for the Chancel area

Chairs with Kneelers

The kneelers on these chairs are designed for ease of use, quiet operation, and long-lasting comfort.